Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hope Goes To Work Day

This morning Hope had off preschool due to Easter vacation. First thing in the morning she asked Daddy in her raspy voice and imploring eyes if she could go to work with him today. Being the awesome Dad that he is he said yes (her cuteness was definitley working in her favor as well). So off the two of them went in the pick up truck for a couple hours of Daddy/Hope time.
At the studio she got to take some pictures with Daddy, get flowers with Miss Katie, and color. Hope's only complaint about her morning with Daddy was that it ended too soon! Thanks Daddy (and Katie too) for investing into Hope! Here is what Daddy and Hope captured.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Happy 40th Birthday to the man I am privileged to call husband, best friend and father of my children!

Here is 40 pictures for 40 years and 40 reasons I love you! 

I love you!

1. I love your passion even from a young age!

2. This is how you looked when we first met. I was drawn to your zeal for the Lord. I still love that about you!

3. You are a great Uncle!

4. I love your love for books, history and writing. Your journaling was one of the first things that sparked my interest! 

5. I love that you love the outdoors. This reminds me of our boys playing outside with sticks and forts!

6. I love your heart for the generations, for the southern end, for family roots.

7. I love you for your style.

8.  I love how you love people and invest yourself in so many people's lives. 

9. I love that you are a story teller.

10. I love that you have a motorcycle and that it brings you life.

11.  I love how you teach the boys about sports and football. You are their hero!

12. I love watching you father our daughters.

13. I love dates with you. 

14. I love how far we have come and how you make me a better woman! Our love keeps getting better with time!
15. I love your rugged good looks!

16. I love laughing with you! I think we laugh now more than ever and I hope that we only learn to laugh more as we get older!

17. I love your sense of humor!

18. I love the special father son bond you have with Moses! You are a great Daddy!

19. I love that you push others to live life to the fullest!

20. I love that you are the father to my children.

21. That little smirk right there...I love that. And the dimple too!
22. I love our love!

23. I love your strong arms that hold me and carry our children.

24. I love sitting on the porch drinking coffee and dreaming together and occasionally taking self timer pictures too!

25. I love campfires with you and sitting outside under the stars.

26. I love the way you father our sons.

27. I love that you play with our children in the snow. You are way more fun than me!

28. I love that you teach the boys about hard work and how to be a man!

29. I love taking pictures with you! Thanks for capturing so many memories for us to remember!

30. I love the connection you have with Matt and am so blessed that Matt & Naomi aren't just family but our best friends! And I love all the memories we have made together!

31. I love the way you have walked with me through the losses. This is a picture of me pregnant with the twins.  The losses only made our love stronger. 

32. I love how you love to celebrate whether it is Christmas, birthdays or a friday night!

33. I love the farm boy in you!

34. I love how you make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when I am with you.

35. I love how you push me out of my comfort zone and I love experiencing new things with you! Here we are at my first Phillie's game :)

36. I love how you encourage my ideas whether it is a photo shoot in the yellow flowers, rearranging furniture or doing a garden. I love how we work together!

37. I love road trips with you!

38. I love your tender heart.

39. I love your sense of adventure.

40. I love how you help others to reach their potential and how you never stop dreaming!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hello. Shut up!

I was standing over the dishwasher mechanically unloading the silverware, my mind however was lost in a wrestling match, at war with itself. My swirling thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Hope's raspy voice from the across the kitchen. She was sitting at the table with her play phone in hand. 
"Hello!" she said loudly, "Shut up!" and slammed down the phone. 
I went into mother mode, "Hope that is not a nice way to talk!"
Her response, "I was talking to Satan."

I turned back to emptying the dishwasher to muffle my laugh when suddenly it dawned on me what I had just been doing seconds before the phone call. Or rather what I should have been doing. At times I think that just because a thouhgt comes into my mind I need to listen to it when in reality there are times I just need to say, "Hello! Shut up! I don't have to listen to you!"

Lessons from a five year old are the best.